July 2019 - December 2019

The Northeastern Mars Rover team created a Mars Rover Prototype that was used to compete in the Univerity Mars Rover Challenge. I joined the team after their first competition. I came into the team who had goals of completely revolutionizing the Rover. I worked on developing code for the Rover. I started with developing an autonomous way to test our code using GitLab's CI/CD Pipelines. I then developed the publisher and subscriber codes for all the components on the Rover using the ROS framework. I am working on the inverse kinematics program of the Rover. Inverse kinematics basically uses a lot of math to be able to control the rover as a whole rather than moving individual motors one at a time. By developing code for the Northeastern Mars Rover team, I hope to get a deeper understanding of how robotics work. I think that using multiple robots to not only work together but also work with humans can help progress the development of infrastucture much faster. The skills I learn here will be the foundations of my understandings of robots.
The Team Controlling the Rover
Team Photo Controlling the Rover Photo
Showcasing Rover Rover Close-up
Showing off Rover wide-angle Photo Showing off Rover Photo
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